Bumps in the road called blessings

3 Apr

March 15th changed my life…..

Have you ever had those bumps in the road that just happen?  You have no idea where they came from or more importantly, why???  

For about a week, I had been having back pain. Though not unusual by any means,  it wad really starting to affect my daily living.  I made a Dr appointment for the next day hoping I could get some injection for the pain without any long-term medicine esp the narcotic type. I hate taking those —yeah go ahead and think or say it—but I just don’t like them. So anyway,  I wake up day of appt with this side abdominal pain, quite severe I might add! I worried that the doc wouldn’t pay attention to my back pain because of it. Anyways,  I tell the doc that this right side abdominal pain, though extremely painful,  had been going on for a while.  I must’ve looked pretty bad because the doc even asked me if I am usually this stoic??  Hahaha if you know me, you know I am the outgoing fun type of person.  I told him that but I don’t think he believed me. Anyways this awesome doc decided he would take care of both my issues…he took care if my back pain….I love you for it Dr. L. 

He orders a CT scan, which comes up abnormal.  The next morning as I am waking up getting ready for my shower, I get the news that I’m being admitted for further testing.  What exactly does that mean???   So in I go…..

Next day after that I undergo major unexpected surgery of my digestive system.  Now, I apologize for the long detailed intro…..but here goes my bumps in the road….

Bare with me and keep reading please.

One of my sons had left for USAF BMT late Jan. This kid wad made for the military.  He had his mind made up and was certain of his decision.  Halfway through they tell him that there were things going on medically that disqualified him from continuing with military service.  He was devastated to say the least. I sent him prayers and Christian song lyrics fir encouragement.  We prayed and I told him to trust in the Lord for HIS plan was greater than ours and sometimes beyond our understanding.  I reminded him to look into his heart and find faith. Two weeks later, the AF sends him home.  He came ready to move forward.

Less than one week upon arrival home, I get admitted to the hospital for major unexpected surgery. (Are you getting caught up with the timeline yet?)

This unexpected surgery will require weeks of recovery for which I will need assistance.  Enter….you guessed it my recently returned son to handle that.

Had he remained in the military I would NOT have been able to attend his graduation,  he would not have been home for my surgery (which was life-threatening) and now wouldn’t be home to take care of his mama.

When I sent him prayers while still in service I sent a letter that said “Trust in the Lord, always because He knows why He does what He does even when we don’t”  How soon Jesus would show Himself to us by all that has happened. 

My surgery went well and I now depend on my family for a positive recovery.  I have prayed so much more than usual this Lenten season. I know in my heart that God was listening but it is clear through everything just how much!

Furthermore,  my friends’ and family’s blessings have been pouring through phone calls, texts, cards, flowers, balloons, but most importantly through prayer!!!

Today I received a beautiful afghan from my church’s MCCW (ladies group) which was hand made and blessed.  As my son delivered it, tears filled my eyes. Right afterwards my youngest son was gonna help me up and I covered up accordingly to which he says “don’t worry mom about being embarrassed,  I will be the one to take care of you later on anyway”  I began crying,  to which he responded with a hug and a kiss. If course,  that made me cry even more. Every chance he gets, he is trying to make sure I am comfy.

My oldest son has also spent many hours with me during my hospital stay, skipping the gym as well as normal sleep time all while continuing  to go to work at his job. Once at home, he has made me several delicious and mostly healthy meals too. 

I am truly blessed and those blessing have been shown to me time and time again over these life trials. God has a way of showing us the light through the darkness and I believe it is up to us to trust in HIM and SEE the light not the darkness…

I have always felt blessed but never have I seen with my own eyes all the blessings our good Lord is putting in my life as u have the last couple weeks!! I have literally witnessed the goodness of my God!

OK, if you actually finished the read all the way through, thank you!


2 Responses to “Bumps in the road called blessings”

  1. Letty April 3, 2012 at 8:44 pm #

    Amazing the power of prayer I have love you sis

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