I’m just a girl…well NOT really! I became retired in my late 30’s and have been now for 5 years. I love it! It has made me a better person because seriously WORK is…well, WORK! 

I love spending time with my kiddos, that is probably the best part of my life.  I love my family and though I am quite the quirky one, I know how to get down on their level. I think maybe I never let go of my teenage years.

My life is crazy; my life is fun; my life is unpredictable. I learned a long time ago that stalkers usually learn and follow your pattern, so I must be a stalkers nightmare–haha. 

I love my LifeTeen youth group because, contrary to popular belief–Teenagers are alot of fun!  They are really awesome and I that’s why I enjoy guiding them towards Christ and a positive life. After all, today’s teens are tomorrow’s leaders….keep that in mind folks, because society can has a huge impact on them, so any amount of positive impact I can have, I will.  Especially because I have two teenage sons of my own.

I am also a karate mom.  Two of my kids are big into sports karate.  The oldest is in the medical field, which comes in handy during tournaments–“MEEEDDDIIICC!!”   They compete in the NBL (National Blackbelt League). They have made many friends they will cherish for life that they’ve met from all over the country, Mexico and Guatemala.  They are awesome kids and they do pretty good.  I also have met many friends that I love and respect so much through karate, both locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Life is good. Remember to be honest, funny, smile, laugh and if you must cry, do it with all your heart! God has been good to me and my family. We roll with the punches….sometimes literally! (Ha, couldn’t resist) 

I LOVE COFFEE alot more than I should, I’m sure, so all those articles about new research saying that there’s benefits to drinking coffee, Here here, I lift my coffee cup to you.  Oh then, there’s my wine. I’ve picked up learning more about wine in the last year or so. I wanna take a wine tasting class to learn more about it.  Hmm, a trip to France to taste wine, oh yeah! That would be amazing!

Well, that about covers who I am. I keep it interesting and fun.  Follow, read and get a laugh on a regular basis.  I will be here.



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