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Friends With Benefits

28 Feb

I have friends with benefits annd I’d like to think that I’m also a friend with benefits to others….and I don’t mean free sex with no attachments…I mean real benefits.

I have all kinds of friends, with their own uniqueness and I love that. They are like all the options in Willy Wonka candy store. We help each other when necessary and sometimes just because….no necessary needed.

So anyway, I have been under some stress lately. After a migraine trip to the hospital on Saturday, I decided I need to find a way to handle my stress. So on Sunday evening, I decided to start a project that I could finish AND wouldn’t take a super long time…just long enough to keep my mind and hands occupied.

My friend has an 11 month old son whose 1st bday party is soon approaching. I already know the theme will be The Gladiator. I decided to make this almost 1 year old a Maximus costume.  My mind went to work first, then I began cutting and sewing. By the end of Monday I was/am 90% finished. I just need to add elastic to the “boots” so they will stay on his little legs.

So then his 3, almost 4 year old older sister gets a little jealous and sad because she wants her very own costume made for her. Sooo I decided to go ahead and make her a little princess dress of her own–in her 2 favorite colors: hot pink and bubble gum pink. Oh yes, I actually said that…just like she does! Of course it sounds really cute I her little 3 year old voice, well at least the first 10 times…..

So I made these 2 very cute costumes. I WILL post pictures as soon as they are both completely finished.

So where does the “Friends With Benefits” come from?? The thing is that my friend had no idea that the main reason I took these 2 projects head on was my way of dealing with/handling my stress level. She just thinks I am this awesome friend (and why wouldn’t she?  Just kidding) anyways, lucky for her, she has this awesome friend that made her 2 very cool costumes that will be a hit at the party, therefore I am her friend with benefits.

I too have my fair share of friends with benefits….friends that come thru for me and make things that are just perfect for me too. And that is the best kind of friends to have. Of course, their cheerful smiles, great personality and knowing they’ve got my back is the best of all benefits,,,


My new AB (Airman Basic)

28 Feb

My new AB (Airman Basic)

Yup this is my airman basic…which is the rank given to all new trainees in USAF Basic Training. This was taken immediately after his hair was cut, or rather shaved. Poor guy doesn’t look happy….now to see what the next 8 weeks have in store for him. I miss my son sooo much. Now it’s only 4.5 weeks to go….


My new AB (Airman Basic)

23 Feb

My new AB (Airman Basic)

Yup this is my airman basic…which is the rank given to all new trainees in USAF Basic Training. This was taken immediately after his hair was cut, or rather shaved. Poor guy doesn’t look happy….now to see what the next 8 weeks have in store for him. I miss my son sooo much. Now it’s only 4.5 weeks to go….

Mardi Gras to Ash Wednesday

23 Feb

Mardi Gras has been around for centuries, and while there are many different versions of its origins, it has certainly transformed severalt imes over the years.  One thing is true though, that during some of our cuontries more difficult times, particularly during wartimes, Mardi Gras celebrations declined.

So what is Mardi Gras and Why do we celebrate? The literal translation is Fat Tuesday.  And though there is are many different versions of the WHY….Today it has become anything from good fun, to over indulgence of food, alcohol, fun, and crazy parties.  

What is it all about…yeah, that can be a little easier to understand. Mardi Gras, also known as Carnival comes from the Latin words carne vale, meaning “farewell to the flesh.”  It is what Catholics celebrate as one last indulgence before going into the season of Lent. 

Going through some videos, I am quite certain that amny of the super wild and sinful parties that have been recorded are not in any way something I would do….and I am quite certain that many of those were NOT Catholics trying to have a little overindulgence before entering their Lenten season with Christ first….I can’t help to ask….WHY??? or rather…WHEN did the all of this come about. 

Ay ay ay….is about all I can say. For me, this Mardi Gras, I over indulged in some great Italian food served by the MCCW of my parish, followed by some delicious Buffalo Wild Wings that my son bought and 1 and a half glasses of wine….yup I fell asleep before I could finish my second glass.  I was tired and quite full.  LOL. 

Then, like a Catholic…working very hard on a daily basis to be a “Good Catholic” I went to the 1135 daily Mass for Ash Wednesday.  It was a good service….strike that….it was a great service. For a daily Mass on a busy military post, literally in the middle of the week, the chapel was full!!! Even Fr. Christopher was inspired by the number of attendees. 

So as I begin my own lenten time, my own self-reflections, I must work hard to stay focused because so much is going on in my heart and on my mind…..Will need prayer!

20 Feb

Tackling the Beast

17 Feb

So today is a new day.   Not necessarily a better one or even a good one, plain and simple just a new day.  I woke up to a sad phone call, which by definition made me sad.  My response: I decided to clean rooms that haven’t been touched in my house in months.  Hmmm, not exactly what I would expect, but we all deal differently to stress.  So yeah, I am cleaning out closets and sorting things out into different bedrooms….Sorry sons, but you will find piles on your beds the next time you enter your rooms.  But anyway, I wonder if maybe I shouldn’t have just started a Zumba class or a ride on my stationary bike.  Probably would have been more physically productive. HaHaHa

Well, as to the phone call, I’m not even going there. I’m gonna try to focus on the cleaning I have left to do. Because the term “opening up a can of worms” doesn’t apply here unless the worms are boxes of unused clothing, stacks of folders of old school assignment and shoes that no one wears anymore….yeah those are the “worms” I found in these closets. 

Well I must go tackle the beast that I have apparently awakened.

Valentine’s Day Dinner–Part 2

16 Feb

So if you saw my rant on my last post, then you will understand why I am still going on about this.

I wanna know what people think about this. WHAT is YOUR opinion?  Please participate in the poll.

Valentine’s Day dinner

15 Feb

So my family all had plans yesterday for Valentine’s Day.  I had none, so I asked my husband if he wanted to go out to dinner.  Knowing the restaurants would be packed, I decided it wasn’t late, people were still getting off work, so we went kinda early.  It was just after 6 p.m. 

We go to the first place, it was the Great American Land and Cattle. Not far from home and not usually super packed.  The entire lobby and front sidewalk were packed.  I figured it had to be a party of some sort.  There were “group-like” people…NOT Valentine’s Day type people.  As we were pulling in there were two families walking towards the front door.  A man, woman, 3 children and possibly a grandparent.  And the other was a man, a woman 3 kids ages about 3-8.  Hmm, I thought….

I sent hubby in to see how long the wait was. More than 1 hour.  Oh Wow! So we left. Afterwards, we decided to head to the standard Chili’s & Applebee’s in the neighborhood.  Applebee’s had more than an hour wait.  I saw another family walking up with Grandpa, a woman 4 kids and possibly grandma. Then a man later joined them in the wait.  Then there was a group of about 6 friends hanging out, there were 2 of those groups….all walking towards the door (Yeah, I waited in the car again while hubby went in to inquire).  At Chili’s there was an actual traffic jam in the parking lot so we didn’t even get out.  Even Denny’s had a full parking lot.  Wow!!

So ok, here is what made me grumpy….not so much the waiting period as much as the groups of people that were all going out to eat. Yeah, I know that Valentine’s Day is an overrated over spent (non) Holiday…but if you are lucky enough to have someone to share in this “Love” Day then those are the people that should be sharing it. The restaurants were packed with groups and groups, whether a bunch of friends or families. I saw very few (about 3) couples all night long.  So while I was trying to go out and have a nice romanitc dinner…and before you judge, the romance CAN be found at Chili’s or Applebee’s damn it.  As long as we can go out and enjoy each other’s company alone on a “love-holiday” then I will.  But it seems like this entire city decided that it was a holiday and they weren’t cooking and as a result I couldn’t have my romantic dinner. 

We ended up at Village Inn…the top of “Family” Restaurant central. There were children all over the place wearing hearts on the shirts, carrying heart shaped balloons, heart shaped ears, I could go on…but you get the picture.  While it was cute, I can’t deny that, it is most definitely NOT what I had in mind. 

I know that anyone is entitled to go out to eat any day of the yeat that they please, but really??? Did everyone have to go out on Valentine’s Day.  It wasn’t V-Day…It was family day with a red heart theme!!!! That’s what it was–seriously!!!

Oh well, I vented again….One of these days, I will just share a story instead of complain all about something.  But really???? family dinners on Valentine’s Day??? Maybe it was just me….

Day 15

15 Feb

Ok, so I know it’s been a while. I’m trying to get into a new routine. It hasn’t been easy. I miss my son but life at home is also quite busy.  There’s days where the minutes just drag and then there are days where they just fly by.  I’m sure we have all had those days….even weirder, sometimes you get both all in the same day.

So yes, it is now Day 15 since my son left for Basic Military Training (aka BMT) for the US Air Force.  I am a very proud mother, just as I was when my first son went away to college.  But I will have you know that pride and joy are not always synonymous.  While my heart is full of pride for him, I am not always super happy. YES, in case you were thinking it, I am definitely, without a doubt, being selfish.  But what mother wouldn’t be at this point.  It’s not like I’m not happy for him, but I miss him and I know that there are a few things he is probably not doing well at (like folding clothes perfectly) and the thought of some random man yelling in my son’s face because his t-shirt is not folded in perfect measurements without a single wrinkle….well that just makes my skin crawl.  I really would love to go there and ask him if I can please see his clothes at home, or his car, or…well you get the picture.  And besides, why on God’s green earth and for the love of the beautiful country DOES IT MATTER IF HE CAN FOLD A T-SHIRT SO PERFECTLY???  How exactly does that make me feel safe and secure at night??? If the guy can shoot and not let anyone past his security post or he can take down any intruder, yes, that my friends is what will make me feel safe when I go to sleep at night. 

Oh well, venting aside, I really don’t get that.  I get that there has to be order and equality to a certain level, and I also get that it is discipline they are learning, but I never understood that.  And if anyone says: “I guess you wouldn’t understand!” in a sarcastic way, I will have you know that I too have been thorugh the same grueling mess called Basic Military Training, many years ago.  While I was able to perfectly make my bed and perfectly fold my clothes, I never understood the WHY???

So anyway, my son is doing pretty good there.  He misses home, of course, but is otherwise doing well.  I am so proud of him. 

Well, nonetheless, I’ve decided that I gotta get back in the swing of things, if only for my own sanity. So anyway, not that I have many followers right now, so I am not gonna worry about boring anyone with my topics. So for now, this will be an online journal for me…a place for me to unload thoughts and yes, sometimes feelings.  

I hate to say this…Wait, no I don’t…I will just tell you this: I will be updating about my son that is in basic military training for the Air Force, because he is, after all, on my mind often…..

So for now, I’ve got a bone to pick with this city….this will be my next blog.