God’s Law vs Man’s Law: How do YOU fit in?

26 Jun

This blog post may make lose some friends and that’s okay.  I will begin by saying that a few years ago, I probably would not have had much of an opinion on this topic.  Which topic – Gay Marriage.

The thing is, I was reared by parents who didn’t believe in it.  I was also reared by a mother who wished all her children had married Mexican Catholics – and if you know my family, that definitely did NOT happen.

So here goes my two cents on this topic, but a shiny two pennies I might add!

I have read many public posts regarding that marriage should only be between a man and a woman as is God’s law.  Yes, I know God’s law.  I also know that the reason behind it is PROCREATION and marriage between same sex couples will not allow that.  However I have noticed that closed-minded people only see a man and a woman because they see this as “normal” but……

Any man/woman marriage that CHOOSES not to have children are just as much sinners as same sex couples.

Any man/woman couple that has pre-marital sex is equally sinning – just as much as any homosexual couple!! Yes!!!! This is actually very true.  Pre-marital sex for fun between male/female couples whose marriage has not been recognized by God is just as equally sinning!  So if this is you – guess what? You are just as guilty as any homosexual couple!!

Another unknown tidbit:  If a male/female divorced couple engages in a sexual relationship with another “boyfriend or girlfriend” – guess what?  They too are guilty of sin!  Why? Because this sin is adultery!  As a matter of fact, the only recognized marriage for those of you that are talking Man/Woman marriage is your very first marriage that has been joined in a church so as to be recognized by God.  Any sequential marriages where a man and woman have been “legally” married by a judge or Justice of the Peace are no more recognizable by God than any homosexual marriage.

Legal versus Religious validated marriages is the issue for those of you quoting the bible here – not Man/Woman vs Homosexual.  Those that have a problem with homosexual marriage is more of a bigoted opinion than a religious one.

I am a practicing Catholic. I have a gay son.  I was told this by a Catholic priest:  God gave you a chid to take care of during your life here on earth.  It is NOT EVER your job to judge him, his lifestyle or homosexuality during your time as a mother.  Doing so is something you will have to answer to God.  God doesn’t make mistakes, Society does.  You love him, You support him, You make him feel loved EVEN IF YOU DON’T AGREE with his lifestyle because that is God’s child, not yours!!!  I have taken those words to heart for ever and ever.  When I die and must face my maker, I will not tell my Lord that I judged the child he gave me or any others like him.

For all of you that think it’s okay to do so, look in the mirror at your own lives.  Have you engaged in pre-marital sex and had a satisfying orgasm and then told that person of the opposite sex that you love them? Does this somehow make you feel that you are better in God’s eyes?  Think before you speak!!  And keep that in mind before dismissing a child of God, it may be yours someday!


2 Responses to “God’s Law vs Man’s Law: How do YOU fit in?”

  1. Miguel June 26, 2015 at 9:35 pm #

    It’s like you wrote most of this right out of my brain. I have made most of these exact points.

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