Tackling the Beast

17 Feb

So today is a new day.   Not necessarily a better one or even a good one, plain and simple just a new day.  I woke up to a sad phone call, which by definition made me sad.  My response: I decided to clean rooms that haven’t been touched in my house in months.  Hmmm, not exactly what I would expect, but we all deal differently to stress.  So yeah, I am cleaning out closets and sorting things out into different bedrooms….Sorry sons, but you will find piles on your beds the next time you enter your rooms.  But anyway, I wonder if maybe I shouldn’t have just started a Zumba class or a ride on my stationary bike.  Probably would have been more physically productive. HaHaHa

Well, as to the phone call, I’m not even going there. I’m gonna try to focus on the cleaning I have left to do. Because the term “opening up a can of worms” doesn’t apply here unless the worms are boxes of unused clothing, stacks of folders of old school assignment and shoes that no one wears anymore….yeah those are the “worms” I found in these closets. 

Well I must go tackle the beast that I have apparently awakened.


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