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Mardi Gras to Ash Wednesday

23 Feb

Mardi Gras has been around for centuries, and while there are many different versions of its origins, it has certainly transformed severalt imes over the years.  One thing is true though, that during some of our cuontries more difficult times, particularly during wartimes, Mardi Gras celebrations declined.

So what is Mardi Gras and Why do we celebrate? The literal translation is Fat Tuesday.  And though there is are many different versions of the WHY….Today it has become anything from good fun, to over indulgence of food, alcohol, fun, and crazy parties.  

What is it all about…yeah, that can be a little easier to understand. Mardi Gras, also known as Carnival comes from the Latin words carne vale, meaning “farewell to the flesh.”  It is what Catholics celebrate as one last indulgence before going into the season of Lent. 

Going through some YouTube.com videos, I am quite certain that amny of the super wild and sinful parties that have been recorded are not in any way something I would do….and I am quite certain that many of those were NOT Catholics trying to have a little overindulgence before entering their Lenten season with Christ first….I can’t help to ask….WHY??? or rather…WHEN did the all of this come about. 

Ay ay ay….is about all I can say. For me, this Mardi Gras, I over indulged in some great Italian food served by the MCCW of my parish, followed by some delicious Buffalo Wild Wings that my son bought and 1 and a half glasses of wine….yup I fell asleep before I could finish my second glass.  I was tired and quite full.  LOL. 

Then, like a Catholic…working very hard on a daily basis to be a “Good Catholic” I went to the 1135 daily Mass for Ash Wednesday.  It was a good service….strike that….it was a great service. For a daily Mass on a busy military post, literally in the middle of the week, the chapel was full!!! Even Fr. Christopher was inspired by the number of attendees. 

So as I begin my own lenten time, my own self-reflections, I must work hard to stay focused because so much is going on in my heart and on my mind…..Will need prayer!