When your little boy transitions into becoming a man

30 Jan

So today is my last day to spend quality time with my son before he goes off to the military.  Yeah, I am quite proud of him,just ike a few years ago, I was so proud of my oldest son going away to college.  A mother’s love helps to rear them and then we gotta “cut the cord” and let them fly away.  Well, just like 5 1/2 years ago, I find myself proud but sad.  I know he’ll be fine, but I still worry and wanna be there for him.  Well, well, well….so how do I handle it? Lots and lots of smiles…hugs and kisses and many “I am so proud of you son!” oh and did I mention hugs and kisses.  Poor guy is gonna need a break after all the hugs and kisses….


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