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Good vs Great cereal

20 Apr

Since my surgery, I have been trying to eat healthy for the most part. I have been eating Special K.  I mean, cereal is about as good and light as it gets.

I have opted for a boiled egg or fruit or even oatmeal on occasion but usually it’s just cereal.  A couple days ago I had a burst of energy and even made french toast.

Well I actually made it to grocery store a couple days ago and per my youngest son’s request, I bought peanut butter crunch. Oh my goodness, that cereal is sooo yummy! Everyday I reach for the Special K but somehow I deliciously eat Cap n Crunch peanut butter cereal.  Though not as good for me, I enjoy the heck out if it. Those delicious golden brown pebbles are so good. I recommend them to anyone who has that inner child fir sweet delicious cereal….if you wanna leave the adult stuff behind for a day or two or til the box is empty! Yummy ….gotta go now. I’m gonna go get some cereal.