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11 Jul

So the 4th of July came and went….and as I stroll the stores around town, I notice that the flags are no longer on every corner, at the registers, or there is no longer a well noted aisle full of the red-white-and-blue…

Well that seems to bother me a bit. You see I remember growing up….as a first generation American-born American citizen I always took an interest in learning more about the history of how this country came to be. I also remember the overwhelming emotion I felt while in basic training to hear the National Anthem play and as I stood at attention and saluted the flag, my eyes filled with tears (well hidden, of course) and my heart full of pride. I had felt American pride before, no doubt, but there is a different feeling when one wears the military uniform….I don’t know how to explain it, it just is.

So, after having served in the military and then marrying a career military man I have developed a sense of patriotism throughout the year. I love that whole Americana style and if I could, I would proudly display an American flag in my front yard all year round. The American flag represents a long history of where we came from….not only where we are now. It represents all those people that boarded ships in hopes of religious freedom, a better life, big hope and dreams, whatever they may have been. I think of all the people that came here and died of disease who never fulfilled their dreams, for people who dared to dream and have hope just to have it lost by greedy leaders, it also makes me think of the generations of people who proudly serve this great country whose ancestors may have been brought here on ships like animals as slaves, and yes even those descendants of the Japanese who were locked in camps after World War II. This country has a log history of people and generations who have given everything in pursuit of happiness…..many have succeeded; many have failed; many have died in that pursuit; and still many have suffered hardships or been the victims of others’ evils or greed. You see like everywhere else in the world, we have good and we have bad. I may not agree with everything our law makers decide we mst do, but this is my America! what’s yours?

America, although young as a country, is the one that I was born into and although circumstance put me here, I proudly stay here, I have created a family here, thus putting down roots in this great nation. I love my country and not only on Memorial Day or 4th of July, but every day of the year. So yeah, I get a little upset when businesses really put out the flags and the red, white & blue stuff to celebrate this day, when every day that we are free, we should be celebrating, THANKING GOD & the AMERICAN MILITARY for the freedoms that we have.

God bless you and God bless the United States of America!